In our store we sell regional / local products, we can also make a package.

Think of Sjips, granola, organic tea from Peeze, different types of fruit juices, for example from the Lekbongerd in Schoonhoven, chocolate bars and jelly, eggnog, syrup waffles from Lekkerkerk, but also,

Roberts HotSauce.

In our beautiful Krimpenerwaard something special is going on, here is Roberts HOTSAUCE produced with peppers grown here! Delicious concentrated HOT sauces or a delicious chili jam are usually in stock at our store.

Giraffe Coffee, Delicious coffee of a high level

Not only do we offer Giraffe Coffee in our shop, but we also sell it. It is even possible to grind it for you.

Argentum beer from Schoonhoven

But also special beer we have a nice Golden ale or an IPA beer from the Schoonhoven producer Argentum we can also deliver the other beers.

de Kleine Schorre Quality wine from Zeeland

A quality wine from the beautiful vineyard de Kleine Schorre from Zeeland. This is where a quality wine is made for example

Schouwen-D®uiveland Auxerrois+ ( selection KLM ) for many years.

Other gifts

In addition to the delicious local products, we have a varied selection of gift items, such as cookbooks, coffee mugs or tea eggs, fruit baskets etc.

Gift voucher

If you have difficulty choosing or want more choice, you can also buy a gift voucher with us that can be used for our nice and delicious regional products or other gifts or for example enjoy a nice lunch or enjoy a high tea .


We can tailor packages with regional products. Just as a nice gift or as a Christmas package.