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The smallest cuteest lunchroom / shop in Lekkerkerk is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We are also a pick-up point from Rechtstreex.

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Delights from the neighborhood, the dishes we make, we make as much as possible with delicious local products. We work as much as possible with organic or bio-dynamic products that are delivered via Rechtstreex. We also contacted other suppliers from the beautiful "Waarden", Krimpenerwaard, Alblasserwaard and Hoekschewaard.


Because what you get nearby is just delicious. We want to show that there is a real difference in the products that are locally grown or produced.

Most of our products we will get via through the so-called short chains, which means that the delights we serve have made the shortest possible route.

Unfortunately, some products do not all come from the Netherlands, but we also try to get those products in the most reasonable way possible.

Some examples we work with and which we sell.


Because we like to give a delicious coffee we have chosen Giraffe coffee this is a delicious high-level coffee. These are coffee burners in the heart and kidneys.


Of course we have a range of beers from the brewery Argentum.

Wine from France?

Of course not, we have delicious wine here in the Netherlands too. The wine we sell is from the beautifull vineyard de Kleine Schorre in Zeeland. A quality wine which is served for many years at KLM in the business class.

Fresh Water lobster / crayfish!

The best crayfish fisherman from in the Krimpenerwaard and surroundings lives in our pitoreske village Lekkerkerk. Jan with his wife always ensures a delicious fresh addition of crayfish.